How to use the projector:

Confirm the projection distance of the projector and the size of the projected screen, adjust the placement and the size of the projected screen as needed.

Confirm the horizontal and vertical position of the projector and the projection screen, and keep the projection screen undistorted.

Connect the projector and the projection source (computer, cell phone, etc.), adjust the projection source output signal and the projector input signal in line.

Adjust the focal length of the projector to get a clear projection picture.

Projector maintenance methods:

Use professional lens cleaner or pure water and a soft cloth to wipe the lens, do not use towels or paper towels and other items with rougher fibers to wipe, so as not to scratch the lens surface.

Replace the projector’s filter regularly to avoid dust or impurities from entering the projector’s interior and affecting the projection effect and lamp life.

Before using the projector, wipe the bulb gently with a clean soft cloth to remove dust and dirt from the surface.

Notes on the projector:

The projector should be placed on a stable ground or fixed bracket when in use to avoid shaking or collision when moving.

The projector should be used to keep the room light enough, and avoid direct light to the projection surface.

The projector should be cleaned before using the projection lens and bulb to avoid affecting the projection effect.

Attention should be paid to turning off the power and unplugging the power after the projector is used to avoid safety accidents such as equipment damage or fire due to long time operation.

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